Shipping & returns

Shipping & returns

Shipping & returns

payment and shipping

The following conditions apply:

Shipping policy

Delivery of goods is carried out worldwide.

Shipping costs (including VAT)

Deliveries within Germany:

3.50 Shipping costs
Deliveries abroad:

9.00 Shipping costs

Delivery timesAs far as in the item description of any other period, the delivery of the goods in Germany is carried out within 3 - 5 days in international deliveries within 3 - 7 days after order confirmation (with an agreed advance payment after the date of your payment order).
Note that on Sundaysand holidays no notification is made.
Have you ordered products with different delivery times, we will ship the goods in a common mission, provided that we have not taken any other agreement with you. The delivery time is determined in this case according to the article with the longest delivery time you have ordered.For collection, we inform you by email about the availability of the goods and the pick-up options. In this case, no shipping costs will be charged.

Terms of payment

For deliveries within Germany you have the following payment options:

-  Cash on pickup
- Payment by bank transfer
-Cash on delivery (plus. COD charge 4,00 €, fall further to € 3.00 delivery fees, which it does not have to be paid directly to us, but to the deliverer)
- Payment by direct debit (debit)
-  Payment with credit card
- Payment by PayPal
- Payment by SofortüberweisungFor deliveries abroad, you have the following payment options:

-  Cash on pickup
- Payment by bank transfer
- Payment by PayPal

Further details of the payment

If you pay by direct debit (debit) you authorize us to revocation to collect the invoice amount from your account.The direct debit is carried out with dispatch of the goods.
When paying by credit card the load on your credit card account with goods are shipped.




 Delivery times:

Delivery time bottlenecks are shipped from the factory conditions.
We strive to deliver the ordered goods as soon as possible of them
where this stock.